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  • Make sure to first join the STRAVA FitterLives Club:
  • Enter your details above to participate in the monthly FitMiles™ Challenge where we measures every participant's monthly FitScore™. A FitGift™ reward is then given to every woman and man with the highest recorded FitScore.
  • Using STRAVA data and a unique formula, the results are based on a combination of distance ridden, time in the saddle, elevation climbed, as well as his or her age (we call it FitAge™). FitGift™ rewards will vary monthly and may include merchandise or services from any FitterLives™ community partner. A member's FitMiles will change over time as the 'miles' are redeemed against products our community.
  • A member's FitScore is like a personal 'fitness odometer' which grows over time. As our merchants and partner community grows (particularly with healthcare and insurance companies), a person's FitScore can be used to evaluate an individual's insurance eligibility and allow for individual/group purchase of data-driven FitSurance™ plans endorsed by select health insurance companies globally.
  • For companies interested in joining the FItterLives™ community to offer their FitGift rewards, please email us at:
  • Monthly FitMiles™ Challenge Reward is currently set to a $100.00 FitGift™ Card for every man and woman with the highest FitScore™. Second place winners get a $50.00 FitGift with third place winners rewarded with a $25.00 FitGift.
  • All FitGifts are redeemable at our website for up to one month following the close of each challenge.

How We Calculate:

Our process takes your monthly mileage, time in the saddle riding, your elevation effort, and your age into consideration. We try to reward EFFORT more than sheer distance, to make the Challenge fair for everyone!

And so it breaks down like this:
Miles + (Hours x 10) + (Elevation-miles * 10 ) + (Years of Age over 40 * 10)

Other Rules:
  • Must be a FitterLives™ STRAVA Club member (join here).
  • Must 'follow' EspenUSA (FitterLives Founder) on STRAVA.
  • Complete sign-up form above and await e-mail confirmation.
  • Maximum monthly distance used for calculation is 1,000 miles.
  • Non-professional cyclists only.
  • One reward per individual per year.
  • Subject to individual FitScore for relevant month.
  • Winners will be contacted via email within one week of the monthly challenge's closing and shared on social media.